MMM9; MPire of Evil (UK), Rebelstar, Sad Iron, Razend, etc..

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MMM9; MPire of Evil (UK), Rebelstar, Sad Iron, Razend, etc..

Beitragvon Lemmymario » 21. Oktober 2014, 23:57

Hi all,
Time for the 9th edition of Mario’s Metal Meeting festival!

transfer the money (€ 15,--) by Bank;
My name: M.J. van Dooren
IBAN: NL19 INGB 0005 6475 03
After I receive the money I send you a confirmationmail which is your entrance ticket!

You now hold the key to the eighth gate. Beware within – for it’s your fate!’ In 1979 a dark formation occurred, a black ripple that would soon become a wave: one which made a huge impact on the metal world. Taking the name of MANTAS, the legendary guitarist Jeff Dunn formed an outfit that rivalled the stage shows of bands such as Kiss and challenged the occult themes that Black Sabbath had pione...ered. He took the knife edge that had made Judas Priest dangerous and the volume that had made Motörhead so intense, and rolled it into a big, black dirtball called VENOM.
With renewed hunger and inspiration, Mantas joined up with the Demolition Man, bassist/vocalist Tony Dolan, in 1988. The duo penned Prime Evil, an album hailed as a return to form with its cleaner sound and the mighty vocal attack of Dolan. In 2012 JXN (Marc Jackson) joined the MPIRE on drums! The trio decided that they needed to produce something befitting of their musical prowess. Something unashamedly heavy and without restraint; free of ego, deception and unreasonable behaviour – and fulfilling for them as musicians. The band’s die-hard fans were left to chose a name for the new group, as it was they who had pushed for the new group to form. Naturally, in hindsight, Prime Evil was the name they chose – and so the band were free to make the music that they had always wanted to make, without pretending that it was 1982 all over again. After announcing themselves to the world the band were asked to reconsider the chosen name out of respect for another act who had named themselves after the self same Venom album title. Without hesitation and with understanding and the respect to be expected by this honorable trio, they changed their name…….and so to the future…….This is M-PIRE of EVIL. This is Mantas, JXN and the Demolition Man. This is 2014
Hell is coming to the holy.

Looking at the promo pictures of Rebelstar, there is no denying that Rebelstar contains of 4 individual characters. But........with 1 thing in common and that is to Rock Very Hard in this age of disposable Popstars.
Started out as a collaboration of Martijn and Serge, it was very clear from the beginning on that there was no turning back from the path they chose as their musical direction: Old Skool Hardrock with the influence of todays Rock and Metal, Heavy Riffs with catchy, very strong and melodic high pitched vocals. And with a very tight rhythm section concisting of John Aponno on Bass and Harry Kramer on Drums it was clear that they're dealing with a new living and breathing Rock 'n Roll machine!
Unfortunately Bassplayer John lately decided to pursue other musical adventures. However, fortunately, another great bassplayer has stepped in. None other than Toine Vanderlinden (MARTYR) has joined our ranks. Whereas some bands wish to stay underground, Rebelstar sees it as their ultimate goal to bring Hard Rock back to the masses, ready to chant our songs at Stadium level.
So....all aboard and start reaving some havoc! The band will be recording their new, 3th, album soon! It's time for REBELSTAR!

Sad Iron is back and will play at Mario’s Metal Meeting 9! Rooted deep in the 1980′s, Sad Iron was founded in Hoorn and reunited in 2012 at the Heavy Metal Maniacs festival. The fans couldn’t get enough, so the band decided to continu doing live shows! Sad Iron released two albums of Pure Heavy Metal: “Total Damnation”- 1984 and “The Antichrist” 1985...MMM is very proud to have this cultband finally on the bill!!

After Outburst stopped in 2012 , Jos, Arvid, Tijn and Serge decided to move on and formed RAZEND. A new start with fresh , different material and a few months later Corinne ( Acrostichon ) joined them to take care of the vocals . in 2013 Tim ( Fuelblooded ) replaced Serge and RAZEND was complete. In the summer of 2013 they recorded a 5 track demo called White Goat that is available for promotors . RAZEND is recording their second album right now that will be available in a few months. RAZEND plays thrash metal, with a twist.

In the early eighties a new thrash-metal band entered the Dutch metal-scene. Originally founded by three school friends and later completed with a singer and second guitar player the band called itself INFERNO.
After several years of rehearsing they recorded their first demo-tape "Terror Strike" in 1986. Having recorded that tape the band got its first gig in a local youth centre. More gigs followed and the music evolved to a higher level, which led to better songs, so Inferno planned to record a new demo-tape. During that time a German punk band also called Inferno wanted them to change their name, so the band name was changed into SILENXCE, after a song of the new demo. In 1987 "Infernal Ending" was recorded and with that tape Silenxce became very popular in the metal-scene. Several gigs followed all around Holland and also in Belgium, and they played with some well-known bands such as Thanatos, Mandator, L.W.S., Sodom, The Hard-Ons, and many others. In 1990 they gave it another try with a two-track demo "Say What?!!", but by then the band began to fall apart. First Aart-Jan left the band and Silenxce became a four piece band. They played a few gigs and even tried to look for a new guitar player, but the spirit was gone and Silenxce died a slow death...
And then in 2002 the former members were contacted by a Portuguese record company with the question to release the demo-tapes on cd. Surprised by this offer they gladly accepted, and finally in june 2003 the cd was released. All the songs were remastered by Mike Hall at the Remasters Studios in Iowa - USA. NOW the band is back together again for a few reunion gigs so grab this chance!!

Thuig is a local crossover thrash band. They dont exist that long but with their humor they will satisfy a lot of people! Check them out and you will not regret it! Influences:
Slayer, Agnostic Front, Anthrax, Evile, Exodus, Equilibrium, Iron Maiden, Gama Bomb, Municipal Waste, Morbid Angel, Entombed

Date: Saturday 1 November
Doors; 14:00
Entrance; € 15,--

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Re: MMM9; MPire of Evil (UK), Rebelstar, Sad Iron, Razend, e

Beitragvon Lemmymario » 31. Oktober 2014, 01:09

THIS Saturday!!!
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