MMM Presents; Lizzy Borden (USA) & Venator (NL)

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MMM Presents; Lizzy Borden (USA) & Venator (NL)

Beitragvon Lemmymario » 22. Oktober 2014, 00:04

The one & only shockrockers!!!!

transfer the money by Bank;
My name: M.J. van Dooren
IBAN: NL19 INGB 0005 6475 03

After I receive the money I send you a confirmationmail which is your entrance ticket!

The International recording group Lizzy Borden has produced spectacular performances in over 20+ countries (from North America, Japan and all through Europe) as well as on the main stages of some of the biggest festivals like, "Sweden Rock" (Sweden), "Wacken" (Germany), "Hellfest" (France), "Gods of metal" (Italy), "The Reading Festival" (UK), "Bang Your Head" (Germany), "Headbangers Open Air" (Germany), "Kavarna Rock Festival" (Bulgaria) "Kobetasonic" (Spain), "Rocklahoma",70,000 Tons of Metal" (USA), Pentaport (South Korea), "Rock in America" (USA) all to rave reviews unanimously declaring Lizzy Borden the hit of the festivals, 'comparing their show to a Kiss concert'.
Lizzy Borden is performing all of the classic songs like “Me Against the World” “American Metal” "Master of Disguise" as well as the new singles “Tomorrow Never Comes” and “Under Your Skin” from the latest Lizzy Borden full length album “Appointment with Death”, both songs feature dramatic videos and have been in rotation on channels through out the world, such as MTV2. The video “Tomorrow Never Comes” was nominated for video of the year as well as the top 25 metal video on MTV’s “Headbangers Ball”.
In a career spanning 30 years, Lizzy Borden was created in 1983 in Hollywood California. Spitting venom, stage blood and dripping grease paint while breathing life into bizarre characters bred precisely for the stage. Theme oriented creations such as; Love You to Pieces (1985) Menace to Society (1986) Visual Lies (1987) Master of Disguise (1989) Best Of (1994) Deal with the Devil (2000) and Appointment with Death (2008) forever cemented icon status to the master showman from the dawn of heavy metal.

Venator is best described as feel good, old-school heavy metal, catchy riffs, with lyrics that listeners can relate too. Lyrics are generally non-political and non-religious, mostly about movies and other epic themes.
Mayor influences of the band are German, English and American based Heavy Metal Bands like Helloween, Judas Priest, Iced Earth and more.
The band started in 2012 and is formed when 2 members from SOLARFALL are joined by former FUNERAL WINDS/LIAR OF GOLGOTHA Drummer Jeroen 'Esteban' Lankhuizen.
With the addittion of former ROADKILL and CALIBERN guitarplayer Mario and Vocalist Martijn 'Marty McFly' the band is now at full speed with releasing 'Venator - Dreamrider' late 2013

Wednesday 12 November 2014
Entrance: € 12,50
Doors: 19:00
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Re: MMM Presents; Lizzy Borden (USA) & Venator (NL)

Beitragvon Lemmymario » 11. November 2014, 01:46

This Wednesday!!!!
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