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MMM Presents; HIRAX (USA), DESECRATOR (Australia), PIRANA (Mexico) & PAST THE FALL (UK)
A night of PURE THRASH!!!

TICKETSALE: ... us-piraa-m

After releasing some demos, Hirax signed with Metal Blade and debuted with their first full-length, Raging Violence in 1985.[1] The band was composed of Katon W. De Pena (vocals), Scott Owen (guitar), Gary Monardo (bass) and John Tabares (drums). In 1986, John Tabares left the band and Eric Brecht (brother of D.R.I.'s vocalist Kurt Brecht) joined. After the change, they released their second album, called Hate, Fear and Power under pressure of the label (only having 16 minutes of length for 8 songs). After this release, the band quit the label and independently released a demo called Blasted In Bangkok in 1987. But with tensions and disillusions in the band, De Pena decided to leave and form a new band with Gene Hoglan (former Dark Angel drummer), and Ron McGovney (former Metallica bassist). They called themselves Phantasm and released a six tracks demo in 1988 (re-issued in 2002 as a CD with the demo and live tracks). After a brief tour with Nuclear Assault, they broke up. In 1989, after De Pena left, the replacement was Paul Baloff (former Exodus frontman). But soon after the band broke up.
De Pena stayed involved in the regional underground music scene and took a job working at a local music store. In 1997, he featured one of his old songs on a split 7" with Spazz, the band of one of his friends. By 1998 De Pena had received enough fan mail and interest which encouraged him to reunite Hirax in 2000. De Pena reunited the band with the original lineup of Scott Owen, Gary Monardo, and John Tabares, releasing the El Diablo Negro EP in 2000. The lineup completely changed, and Hirax released the album Barrage of Noise in 2001 with James Joseph Hubler, Justin Lent (Clusterfux), and Nick Sellinger. This line-up was brief as well. In 2003, De Pena recruited an entirely new lineup again, and released the album The New Age of Terror in 2004 with guitarists Dave Watson and Glenn Rogers (Deliverance former), bassist Angelo Espino, and drummer Jorge Iacobellis. That line-up, due to irreconcilable differences, followed in the trend of the other line-ups and broke up. The band released their fourth studio album El Rostro de la Muerte in the spring of 2009.[6] On February 24, 2014, the band released their newest album titled Immortal Legacy, courtesy of Steamhammer Records. The band is now touring to promote this latest release! Check this out because the band is not touring that much in Europe!!! One of MMM’s favorite bands finally @ our own Little Devil bar!!!!

DESECRATOR (Australia):
With a sound that has been compared to early Testament, Death Angel and Sacred Reich - DESECRATOR’s twin guitar attack, puni...shing rhythm section and blood soaked vocals have won over the old guard of staunch metal fans as well as recruiting a new wave of young thrashers. DESECRATOR: A Backwards sounding forward movement into THRASH. Fantastic Industry response has seen DESECRATOR rise quickly ...through the masses by capturing and keeping audience’s attentions across Australia alongside such METAL greats as Forbidden, Warbringer, Mortal Sin, Hobb’s Angel of Death, Macabre and Toxic Holocaust as well as desecrating audiences to devestating effect through South East Asia on the bands first international tour. Following the success of 2011′s debut release LIVE TIL DEATH tracked completely live on stage – DESECRATOR have again pushed the boundaries of technical musical simplicity with 4 new tracks of original thrashing metal with their new vinyl LP - "DOWN TO HELL". Limited to 250 copies – DOWN TO HELL is pressed on high quality, heavy-weight 10″ diameter wax. Presented in a striking 2-colour splatter effect finish, embossed logos, twin artwork covers and a full art inner sleeve – this is a must have for any fan of thrash. Recorded and mixed by engineer Joel Taylor (Inverloch, In Trenches) in Melbourne – Australia and mastered by Harris Johns (Kreator, Sodom) in Berlin – Germany, DOWN TO HELL sonically boasts all the studio production elements – expected in todays releases – but stays true to the organic roots from which DESECRATOR have grown.

PIRAÑA (Mexico):
PIRAÑA is the fucked up child of Samuel Olvera (ex Disgorge, Genital Retroplasia, Domain, Ravager, Demonized and actual of Undenied) and César Tarello (ex Antiqua and actually Devil´s Whiskey and session guitarist of Zombiefication), formed in 2003 with the only porpoise of playing raw thrash with any pretentions except to crush all tunes as possible. After a year of work PIRAÑA recorded their first MCD with 6 songs entitled: PIRAÑA ATTACK coproduced with Onslaught Records in February 2004. With great surprise, in very short time the band started to grow with very good critics from zines & websites, and listened in all México thanks to songs.
In January of 2006 the band produced an Split CD called MECHANICAL JAWS INVASION were they played with a local band called The Pit (thrash death) and released two new songs with an intended demo raw mix (Guerrilla War and Broken Cross) and they also played a cover song from Exodus (Piranha). Thanks to this two works and a lot of gigs, the band started to be recognized as one of the best metal acts in México.
In December of 2008 the young drummer Fernando Nieto started with the band and the first CD DESTRUCTIVE ANIMAL REVOLUTION is recorded under the label of American Line Prods. The songs got better acceptance and the album got sold out in few months, projecting the band as an icon of mexican thrash. While still promoting the album, PIRAÑA worked as opener acts of many bands as Impaled Nazaren, Pungent Stench, Destruction, Nuclear Assault, Hirax, Onslaugth and also played at many international festivals as the two editions of Metal in the Forest with Vader, Evil Dead, Watain, and many more.
In 2013 the band reedited the first record PIRAÑA ATTACK with a new recording of the songs of the MCD and new art, and also started their first European tour to promote the CORRUPTION album along side of the mexican bloodshed act Zombiefication and had an excellent participation in the Barroselas metal festival in Portugal..

Past The Fall is a 3 Piece Groove Metal band from London England, with Will Wright on Bass/Vocals, Thomas Cope on Guitars, and Mariusz Marecki on Drums.Past The Fall was formed by Tom Cope and Will Wright in 2011, after the dissolution of their previous bands from the UK Thrash Scene, which saw them share the stage with luminaries such as Evile, Fell Silent, Mendeed, Mutant, Pitiful Reign and Headless Cross (the previous incarnation of Savage Messiah), and travel the length and breadth of England and Europe. Soon after the bands inception they joined forces with the young Drummer Marco Antonio, a Bolivian who has not only pursued music from across the globe, but has also cut his teeth on London’s session scene. After completing their initial line-up, a demo quickly followed to demonstrate their genesis receiving positive reviews, online airplay as well as featuring a track on the cover CD of Zero Tolerance magazine! After a few shows to polish there performance and songs, the band began work on their debut EP ‘Beggars At The Liars Banquet’. Unfortunately it was at this point that the band had to amicably part ways with Drummer Marco due to his personal commitments, Thomas’s brother Matt stepped in to complete the recording on Drums which lead to a chemistry from the brothers who had grown up playing together, that produced a greater sound, which has naturally translated in to him performing live with the band. The finished mixes were mastered by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin (Faith no more/Tesseract) at the world famous Metropolis Mastering Studios in West London. The artwork was produced by the immensely talented Costin Chioreanu (Arch Enemy/Grave) at Twilight 13 Media.The EP was released Summer 2013, and the band spent the rest of the year securing a distribution deal for the record, working with Entec sound and lights (QOTSA/Blur/Tool) to produce a music video for the track ‘Injustice’ whilst receiving positive reviews from Terrorizer Magazine (as well as a track on there cover CD) and other online metal reviews. Come 2014 and the band hit the road to take message to where it matters most- the fans and metal heads around the globe that keep it heavy! There debut UK and Europe ‘Trial by fire Tour’ has swept across the country to rave reviews and once again has had all the art and promo design completed by Costin Chioreanu (Arch Enemy/Grave) culminating with a piece in Kerrang Magazine in the autumn! The end of 2014 and Past the Fall have headed into the studio to begin recording their debut album, due for release April 2015, and with the album already showing signs of becoming darker and heavier than ever before a new dynamo behind the drum kit was needed- enter Mariusz Marecki from Poland, a technical firestorm of metal magic helping to continue to push the boundaries of what Past The Fall has accomplished!

Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Friday 20 March 2015
Doors: 19:00
Entrance; € 12,50

TICKETSALE: ... us-piraa-m
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