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MMM Presents; ATTIC (Germany), CARONTE (Italy), VILLAINY (NL) & WARCKON (Belgium)

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ATTIC (Germany):
Attic comes from Germany and presents us the very best vocally sound alike of King Diamond ever heard. If there were talent contests where descent music should be possible, this guy, Meister Cagliostro, would easily win, performing a Mercyful Fate track. It's almost unbelievable how much he sounds like the King himself as well in the high as in the low/spoken regions. This great vocalist expresses his stamp on the music by this great performance, so it automatically refers to Mercyful Fate. Well, this in 2010 founded band sounds less technical and gets their influences from classic, old school Heavy Metal like Judas Priest and a lot of early Iron Maiden punctuated with a dark atmosphere to give way to their interest in occultism. It seems that nowadays there's a real revival of occult bands playing traditional Heavy Metal with painted faces and lyrics about worshipping his Royal Evilness. Just think of Ghost and the awesome Hell. Now these bands don't sound musically the same and neither does Attic, so there's room enough for them in the scene. The self- titled demo was brought to the masses in the beginning of 2012 and was received very well by the press. And this debut … well ehm, it's simply damn brilliant. Not many bands are gifted bringing out a debut with only good solid varied metal.

CARONTE (Italy):
Formed in Parma, Italy, in 2010 by the three brothers Bones; Dorian, Henry and Tony and by the eccentric drummer Mike De Chi...rico.
Caronte's sound was conceived as an heavy acid doom metal, their songs are inspired by drugs, alcohol abuse, death, black masses, sex, esoterism and misticism.
First release came in 2011 with a three tracks Ep called "Ghost Owl", followed after one year by their first full-length "Ascension", released both by LO-FI CREATURES, the independent label of the singer Dorian.
2013 was the year of the split album with the doom metal band DOOMRAISER, released by LO-FI CREATURES and BLOOD ROCK RECORDS and of the first european tour that has seen CARONTE to play throughout Europe.
The good feedbacks received have permitted at the band to share the stage with bands like Electric Wizard, Blood Farmers, Cough, Forgotten Tomb, The Devil’s Blood, In Solitude, Pagan Altar, Doomraiser, Jarboe, OM, Angel Witch, Grand Magus, Orange Goblin, The Secret, Ufomammut and Abysmal Grief.
The band released their new album for the german label VAN RECORDS. The new album is called "CHURCH OF THE SHAMANIC GOETIA" and is a true esoteric trip through 7 tracks that describe the journey of an adept at this new esoteric/philosophical current theorized by the band.

Villainy is an unorthodox metal band from the Netherlands with death, doom, black, thrash metal and other musical influences.... With their energetic, thunderous and raw live performance they have left european stages shrouded in darkness for the last 3 years. Debut album ''Villainy I'' was released in early 2014 which was followed by a 7'' EP entitled 'The View From My Ivory Tower''. Check these guys out! You will be surprised!!!!

WARCKON (Belgium):
Warckon originates from the region of Grammont in the province of East-Flanders, Belgium. The band, as they perform on stage to this day, started their mission during the summer of 2009. Warckon’s fanbase grew quick and steady, so they decided to record some material during the summer of 2010. What was supposed to become a simple demo, went on to become an EP and eventually turned out as a full length album. “The Madman’s Lullaby” was officially self-released for the first time on the first of April 2011. Warckon plays thrash metal which definitely derives its influences from the 80’s Bay Area scene. Fans of the technicality of top notch bands like Megadeth, Testament and Annihilator or the attitude that defines bands like Slayer and Exodus, will surely get their kicks at a Warckon gig! The band keeps working hard to maintain the reputation they have built for themselves: skull-crushing shows that are played tight as hell while maintaining interaction with the audience.

Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Thursday 14 May 2015 (Ascension Day)
Doors: 18:30
Entrance; € 10,-- (pre-sale) & € 11,50 (door price)

TICKETSALE: ... lainy-warc
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