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HAIDUK [black /death-thrash]

BeitragVerfasst: 23. Dezember 2018, 03:03
von haiduk
summoner of cosmic darkness– –Exomancer– –conjurer of astral terror

Evil Melodic Black Metal

New Album

“Brutal, venomous, well-built black metal”
-Bloody News

“[Haiduk’s] strong point has always been his riffs, and here they just destroy.”

“The album is solid, with truly unique and mesmerizing progressions of chords and lead work piled high.”
-Contaminated Tones

“Laced with intricate diversions into an almost hypnotic, tremolo-world of ever undulating riff patterns”
-Worship Metal

"[Haiduk] has perfected his own signature style and very few bands are doing this style"

“Haiduk has written, recording and produced an epic album in ‘Exomancer’. The sound quality is great and it has character, which is difficult to find.”
-This Noise Is Ours

“Sinister, spiralling, atonal and dark, ‘Exomancer’ is going to be an underrated gem from 2018.”
-The Killchain

Re: Haiduk - Exomancer

BeitragVerfasst: 5. Mai 2019, 21:50
von haiduk
Death Portent

Re: HAIDUK [black /death-thrash]

BeitragVerfasst: 20. September 2021, 03:24
von haiduk
melodic black // death-thrash

HAIDUK - DIABOLICA - Sept 21, 2021


1. Corpse Crown (2:00)
2. Swarm (2:27)
3. Upheaval (2:28)
4. Encirclement (2:26)
5. Wraithavoc (2:29)
6. Cyclone (2:56)
7. Ballista (2:33)
8. Abyss Mage (3:06)
9. Morph (2:43)
10. Infernal (2:50)
11. Sea of Fire (5:12)


Re: HAIDUK [black /death-thrash]

BeitragVerfasst: 26. Mai 2022, 02:56
von haiduk